You Gotta Hand It to Manny


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Many LGBT proponents are up in arms against Manny Pacquaio for a remark he made about humans engaging in homosexual sex. He even made international news (surprise surprise) when he said, “Common sense lang. Makakita ka ba ng any animal na lalaki sa lalaki o babae sa babae [ang nagsasama]? Mas mabuti pa ang hayop, marunong kumilala kung lalaki, lalaki. Babae, babae. Ngayon, kung lalaki sa lalaki o babae sa babae, eh mas masahol pa sa hayop ang tao.” 

Manny’s (literally) hard fought rags to riches story is known to everyone and like many people who come from those ranks, he is frank and candid, in other words, he speaks his mind without any forethought of being politically correct or diplomatically acceptable. This makes for a politician who is unlike those who take advantage of situations to gain brownie points even if they really believe otherwise. In other words, Manny was just being Manny, regular Filipino, raised in a climate of want but did extremely well with hard work.

There is something that the liberal elites missed (or ignored) in Pacquiao’s words. He ends his short but stinging jab with the word “tao.” Notice he doesn’t use the word “bakla” or “bading.” This should provide us a clue as to what kind of person Manny is and what was going on in his mind when he was saying this; that it was not meant to be derogatory of homosexuals or those with this inclination but rather a simple expression of what the Natural Law is as it pertains to sexuality. He does not even quote a biblical passage, though I am certain that much of the influence of what he said comes from the teachings of his Christian faith. After all, if we look at scripture, we see that homosexual ACTS are called an “abomination”, “sin”, “offense”, “lust”, “fornication” and even calls for punishment by death in the old testament book of Leviticus (for the record I don’t believe that homosexuality should be a criminal offense nor the behavior be legislated either for or against). This means that it, homosexual acts, must be such an offense against God that to engage in it deserved the worst punishment that could be meted out then. St. Paul himself condemns these acts in the strongest terms but also recognizes that there is such a thing as repentance, mercy and conversion that can bring someone  out of this situation.

Going back to what Manny said, if we re-read what he said, he wasn’t saying that homosexuals are worse than animals, period. Rather he makes the point that persons (“tao”), who engage in such activities do so willfully and waste their God-given intellect to control such disordered appetites. Animals on the other hand, he says, can instinctively differentiate (“marunong kumilala”) male and female and what complementary biological activities are meant to be fulfilled by each one. If this is so, which I think he is trying to express in his simple, candid but deficient way, then there is some truth to what he says, that some acts (sodomy comes to mind) such as these make persons act less than animals hence, as the saying among prisoners goes, “Don’t drop the soap in the shower.”

You gotta hand it to Manny and his take on natural law.

Disclaimer: Given his attendance (or absence) and legislative record (or non-record), I am not voting for him.

UPDATE 2/22/16

The full statement of Manny in the interview:

“As Christian bawal naman yung same-sex marriage. Ginawa ang babae para sa lalake, ginawa ang babae para sa lalake.

“Kasi para sakin ito lang, common sense lang, makakita ka ba ng any animals na lalake sa lalake o babae sa babae?

“Mas mabuti pa yung hayop, marunong kumilala kung lalake o lalake, [kung] babae, babae. Oh diba? Ngayon kung lalake sa lalake o babae sa babae eh mas masahol pa sa hayop ang tao. Ang hayop lang, hindi talaga puwedeng magsama ang lalake sa lalake.

“Pero I’m not condemning, I’m not condemning them — yung [same-sex] marriage lang. Yung committing sin against God.”

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