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In an alarmist tone, Ms. Sarah Soliven insists that the so-called Philippine Reproductive Health bill, a.k.a. Responsible Parenthood Bill, must be immediately passed by congress. Read the full article HERE.

She writes that…

“If we do not control the population, we are doomed! Our environmental capacity has a limit. Human greed has depleted our natural resources. The poor and the rich have exploited and destroyed the environment. We must take immediate action to control the situation.”

Now Ms Soliven is premising that the Philippines is over-populated, a lie peddled by eugenicists over the last 40 years. While all the cities in Metro Manila are indeed on the list of the most densely populated cities in the world, the reason is because of urban migration for lack of rural development. It is a known fact that in the countryside, the Philippines is sparsely populated and poorly developed, hence the dream of looking for “greener pastures” in the city. Notice that she says that we have reached our environmental capacity limits and that greed has depleted our resources, well then Ms. Soliven which is it, is it overpopulation doing this or human greed? Isn’t human greed really the primary cause of poverty and environmental degradation?

She even has the nerve to say that the poor (and adds the token of “the rich”) destroys the environment. I guess by that she means that our brethren who are mired in poverty and who squat along waterways and government lands are to blame for polluting the environment. Again the poor is the target and why not, they are non-productive, they pollute, they have more children than taxpayers like Ms. Soliven would care to subsidize… she will have no more of this! If you think I am making a mountain of a molehill then consider what she says next…

“Most of our taxes even go to services that provide for the poor and we are shortchanged. We cannot even enjoy quality and efficient government services. Sanamagan!”

Again, what is eating our tax money, is it the poor or is it government inefficiency and corruption? Ms. Soliven, thank you for calling our attention to the real reason why people like you want this bill passed. Thank you for revealing that this bill really is a population-control bill. The spin doctors of Rep. Edcel Lagman and President Noy have long denied  that this is in fact a pop-con initiative but you just let the cat out of the bag. I hope everyone reads your column and understands how you single-handedly exposed the intention of the perpetrators of this anti-poor and eugenic-led agenda. Now we can rightly call it the PHILIPPINE POPULATION-CONTROL BILL