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I have  been having a two-day running discussion at the Filipino Freethinkers regarding their attack on the Catholic Church regarding issues that center around, but are not limited to, sexual morality. Funny how the FT’s proclaim that they are rational reasonable people who are scientific when in fact their fearless leader Mr. Red Tani, whose video I critique, has nothing to post but canards and inventions. I went to the FFT website hoping to get some reasonable and civilized discussion about their articles against the church. After making several comments and exchanges, some anonymous poster started using verbally abusive language. I tried my best to maintain a certain degree of decorum and courtesy to no avail. The poster became even more abusive at my request for decency.  Apparently some people really have none. My daughter experienced the same thing in another website where she had a similar discussion with another atheist.

Why is it the default of atheists to verbally abuse when they can’t justify their position rationally? My spiritual director says it is a sign of lack of fortitude, but of course when he said that he was referring to me (this was sometime ago and I have changed since then …I wish).

At any rate, I posted a point by point refutation of that video of the talk in De La Salle here and here which they made in February 2011. This fellow Mr. Red Tani was quite clear about creating doubt in the minds of Catholics. I am wondering why De La Salle University, which claims to be a Catholic University, allows such wolves to prey upon impressionable sheep. If indeed De La Salle  approves this groups activities then as a Catholic Christian, I won’t want to send my kids there!

Hello CHRISTIAN BROTHERS please live up to your name!