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Atheists are petty intelligent fellows. Look at Richard Dawkins, Cristopher Hitchens and the Crick fellow. We have our version of Philippine atheists who are pretty smart too. Several months ago, I joined an e-groups whose main purpose is to encourage debate on issues dealing mainly with religion. There are a lot of pretty intelligent people in there as well (and they don’t hesitate reminding you either). As the exchanges continued, you could tell that some believers, especially those whom I am guessing are have Christian Fundamentalist affiliation, would lock horns with the atheists by quoting bible verses to counter their claims that religion is behind all of the world’s ills. Well, the bad news is that atheists do not accept scripture as anything more than a myth written by fanatics, this despite the enormous amount of archeological and historical evidence proving its reliability and the existence of characters in it (so much for their claim of being rational and reasonable).

Another group called the Filipino Freethinkers, founded by Mr. Red Tani, a former Catholic who did his stint at San Beda and De La Salle, does the same thing. This group is also made up of some very intelligent folks as well. They produced a video of a talk that is supposed to convince the Catholic believer that the Church is immoral, evil and man-made. In case after case that Tani presents, he uses old anti-Catholic canard, fudged data and even outright fabrications. Here is an example: The church is against medicine because she advocates prayers as cure. Where on earth did that come from? What are the facts: Vaccination was discovered by Louis Pasteur, a Catholic! In Canada and Northern Europe when the small pox epidemic broke out in the late 19th century, governments asked the Catholic Church congregations to handle vaccination programs.

What they commonly pass on as facts against their favorite target, the Catholic Church is a Hydra of old, debunked lies whose heads keep popping up in anti-Catholic circles. For example; the issue of Galileo being treated very harshly and the supposed millions of people burnt at the stake during the Inquisition or the church’s ban against vaccination. All these fabrications are supposed to show the Church’s animosity to science and medicine, it need not matter whether they are true or not.

After having been exposed to these various atheist molds, I can’t help but wonder why their claim of being rational, freethinking and evidence-based is not substantiated by their thought process, words and actions. I suppose, to the gullible Catholic, a person who can project an air of authority and intelligence can make even these lies, seem believable. To make matters worse, some of them like the atheist Poch Suzara, the self-proclaimed president of the  Bertrand Russell Society of the Philippines, has nothing but vulgar obscenities for anyone who disagrees with him.

Well I did say atheists are intelligent, I never said they were honest.