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1. “We don’t have free will.”

I know you don’t actually mean that right? Someone just made you say it.

2. “Christianity is bad but admittedly there are many Christians that have done good, but not Christianity.”

Hmmm, well what on earth does Christianity teach?

3. “Christianity is a form of wish-fulfillment”

The doctrine of Hell would pose a problem to this theory wouldn’t it?

4. “In a poll, the most secular countries in Europe rated themselves as having the best quality of life”

…yeah and the highest suicide rates

5. While debating on the topic of suffering:

Atheist: “The problem is you intellectualize suffering too much”

Believer: “Uh that’s why we are having a debate, right?”

6. “Religion has only brought wars and conflict, look at the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland”

I didn’t know they were fighting over transubstantiation?

7. “Catholicism is hostile to science look at how the Vatican is against using embryos for research”

Did you mean by that, HUMAN EMBRYOS?

8. “Catholics are against human rights, they are against the woman’s right to have an abortion”

You mean Catholics are actually against their mothers killing their innocent, unborn babies?

9. “Stalin’s rule was not atheism, it was a self-worship that made him do what he did”

I suppose the fact that it was based on atheistic Marxist ideology had nothing to do with it.

10. “Christians are living a lie, there is no proof that there is an afterlife”

Do you know that as a matter of fact or faith?

11. “Evolution is all there is”

What happened before that?

12. “There is no uncaused cause”

Then you shouldn’t be here

13. “We were not designed intelligently, we have no higher purpose

Yet you find it important enough to argue about it

14. “Mother Teresa is a zealot and a fanatic”

Really it’s true some atheist idiot really did say this here

15. “The Catholic church is stuck on moral issues and trivializes world hunger”

…and it’s not like the Catholic church is the biggest charitable organization in terms of reach and amount given thus far.

… please feel free to add.