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My daughter was beside me when some fan mail from the Filipino Freethinkers arrived bringing up the question of why the Church hides the facts against Martin Luther. Here is what my fan says,

Martin Luther, on a trip to the Vatican, saw that the palatial structures of the Holy See were a contradiction to the miserable lives of the majority of the faithful. The cult of the Indulgences, which promised eternal salvation in exchange for monetary donations, made Luther puke.

Really? So my daughter says, “dad, how can Luther have seen the Vatican (St. Peter’s) when it was barely finished in 1546, besides, anyone with half a wit can go to any Catholic website, like New Advent, and look up the events that brought about the Protestant rebellion.”

Hiding facts? Hardly! Luther being in Rome is highly questioned  much less the Vatican. In 1521, he rebelled against the church because of the abuse of the doctrine on indulgences. Read it here… What extent do Catholic bashers have to go to push their agenda!