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Whenever you see a group trying to get the institutionalization of contraceptives to be implemented, you always come across the issue of “responsible dissent” from, of all people, the clergy! It makes me sick hearing what was once called “heretical” being peddled as responsible. The Church does not demand my full intellectual allegiance beyond what is considered to be reasonable, but as a Catholic, I know that the Church (the magisterium) has at least a moral and spiritual authority over me. “He who hears you, hears me” is what Jesus said so I often wonder how dissenters… okay okay I will say it, heretics, can invent such creative ways of justifying their opposition to the Church’s teaching on faith and morals and particularly contraception. In a recent article in their website, the Filipino Freethinkers, once again, make an issue of the goings-on of the papal commission on the regulation of birth, created by Pope John XXIII in 1963 and continued by Pope Paul VI in 1965. The details are known but what is appalling is the extent to which these heretics make it seem that the Pope was wrong not to have taken the commission’s majority advice on changing the Church’s teaching on contraception.

The same thing happened in the 4th century when Arius, peddling the heretical teaching that Christ was only a human, was upheld by then, a majority of Bishops of the East. St. Athanasius was driven out and was later vindicated when this teaching of the heretical Bishop Arius was deemed heterodox. You see my dear heretics and dissenters, the protection to teach from error in matters of faith and morals was given to the Pope and the Bishops in communion with him and to them alone rests that gift, that’s called infallibility! The next time you have notions that this or that theologian said this or that or Fr. so and so disagrees with the Pope, my answer is, SO WHAT, THAT IS THEIR OPINION, period!