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Some party-list rep named Raymond V. Palatino, whom I suspect is a neo-atheist, will file a copycat bill to remove all displays of religious symbols and services in government offices. In the first place, I have always believed that the party-list is a deeply flawed system that wastes taxpayers money and is prone to abuse. The idea of giving a voice to the marginalized is important but what happens is that many of these party-representatives are mere puppets of district congressmen and their agenda or worse their ideology. Sheeesh! Give a guy a “barong”, some taxpayers pork-barrel and a seat in congress and what do they do, they waste tax-payers money in order to push a ideology.

Legislative bills should serve one purpose and that is to better the lives of people. Regardless of religion, this country’s people have always considered religious belief and symbols to be a part of their day-to-day lives. Go to a store in Chinatown and you will see a Sto. Nino image beside a Buddha. Call it what you want, superstition, fervor, piety… the question is, why do these small minded atheist-secularists think that disallowing placing religious symbols and preventing religious services in public offices is productive or for the betterment of society? Nein, nein, nein, nein, nein, nein! It doesn’t.

He claims that it is unconstitutional to have religious symbols and practices in government offices and places because it violates the anti-establishment of religion clause in the constitution.

ImageMy answer: IT DOESN’T! Do public offices prevent one or the other religion from displaying symbols in their premises? Do they favor crucifixes more than a Buddha or Vishnu? NO, they don’t. Could it be the reason is that 90% of those who work in these offices are Christian that is why they are there. Does it make government workers more prone to serve Christians and not Muslims or Hindus or Atheists or has there ever been any incident of religious conflict in the office because of these symbols?…. No and No again. So what’s with these fellas? I actually believe that religious symbols have a deterrent effect in the temptation for people to misbehave and I suspect that “short-time” motels are the only places without a Gideon Bible …hmmm maybe I should verify that sometime. In fact, if any, I would actually sponsor a bill allowing more in-your-face religious symbols like the Ten Commandments to be placed prominently in all government offices that are prone to graft and corruption like uhh …heck after the Corona impeachment, that would be all of them.

The moo is that these Neo-A’s have nothing better to do with their time than to simply attack religion …ahem, let me rephrase, Christianity. Image

Notice that in every single article they write that is anti-religion, they always have something to say about the Catholic Church. Their purpose in life is to advocate anything that is anti-Catholic, i.e., the gay agenda, abortion, contraception, RH Bill …literally anything that the Church is against.

I believe that if this bill is passed, they should also ban Atheist symbols in government offices. I believe Atheism is a religion. Heck they have all the trappings of one: They are strongly dogmatic in their belief that there is no God yet concede that they cannot explain non-material phenomenon like consciousness and genuine altruism. They say that science is going to explain everything about the coming-into-existence of the universe, going so far as to put their faith on certain purely speculative (and philosophical) ideas like multiverses while missing the point that even multi-verses, if they even exist, had to make the jump from non-existence to existence.

So Atheists, like my wacky friends at the Filipino Freethinkers, Imagebelow, are in fact religious. They have faith in an unexplainable phenomenon, they are dogmatic in their beliefs in science and they get together and worship at Starbucks every so often.

So going back, if this bill is passed, I propose Atheists should not be allowed to do the following:

1. Put up Carl Sagan and/or Stephen Hawking posters (not even on their desks)


2. Allowed to congregate and form groups that discuss science and unbelief in government premises

3. Allowed to put nothing on their walls or desks. Whether this

Image or


Let me explain number 3. Since they do not believe in anything referring to a supernatural being, they are not allowed to place nothing in its place because that nothingness is part of their belief. According to my daughter nothing is something. She says, “Dad, doing or believing nothing is something”. I think she will either be a good philosopher or an extremely evil dictator but for now, I will accept her definition that nothing is something hence, Atheists will have to replace that blank space on their desks/walls with something that does not symbolize the nothingness of their belief like Mr. Bean’s face or something.


So if you think Congressman Raymond who-wants-to-waste-taxpayers-money-instead-of-using-it-for-helping-the-youth-lead-better-lives Palatino is doing just that, drop by his Party’s page and tell him what you think of his bill.