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The withdrawal of house bill 6330 by Kabataan Party List Congressman Raymond Palatino was taken badly by members of the Filipino Freethinkers.Image

It appears they also took issue of my blog to the point that their post box in their FB page was filled with very acerbic, indecent words directed at me. One of them, even went so far as to mention some of my personal circumstances, for what purpose, I don’t know. At any rate, it shows how arrogant and pitiful these pseudo-intellectuals are.

Red Tani, their president never-ever addresses any of my comments and questions in his articles maybe because he has no honest answer. This fellow lies through his teeth especially about the Catholic Church, his sworn enemy. I really feel that he provided the nails that sealed the coffin of Palatino’s bill, in fact, it appears now that Palatino may even be a member of that neo-atheist group (the FB exchange below makes it appear that way). I will make sure that people are reminded of this come election time.


I pity the members of FFt who think that they are fighting for a worthwhile cause when in reality, they are merely being used by Tani to push for his morality-free agenda. Will you people THINK for once!