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A successful show of force that should not be taken lightly

The recently concluded Anti-RHBill Power Prayer Rally just ended and it was a resounding success. The rains did nothing to dampen the spirit and fervor of the crowd.

We were wet, sweaty and tired having braved the EDSA shrine as early as 11 am. This was organized in haste (about a week) because the majority congressmen suddenly called to vote for the termination of debates on the bill around the week of July 25. A reliable source told me that the signal to call for a vote in the house was given by President BS Aquino’s single-phrase reference to the RH Bill which he re-named in his SONA (State of the Nation Address) of July 23, as “Responsible Parenthood.” The reference to this was not at all explicit but it doesn’t take a theoretical physicist, (beginning to hate the rocket scientist term already), to figure out what he meant. Now that the Department of Education has almost recovered the classroom deficit (the claim should be verified), this XBox-playing, Porsche-driving, bachelor president admonishes couples to be more “responsible parents” by not having any more children than the government can build classrooms for. Yes, you heard it right and a more thorough critique can be found here. I mean really if we look at the way the HHS mandate in the US happened I can’t help but think that this is simply just an Obama-ish move!

The speech and homily of the Bishops were direct to the point (here is a write-up of Archbishop Socrates Villegas of the Diocese of Lingayen-Dagupan’s speech). The reproductive health bill is an affront to the sexual morals and ethics of Filipinos. Certainly we all have a right to choose what we want to do but as Catholics, do we not have the obligation to listen and follow what the Church’s teaching office, the magisterium, tells us in matters that pertain to faith and morals? Isn’t contraception a moral issue? Apparently for some “Catholics”, like those who profess themselves as Catholics for RH or C4RH for short (a copycat of the pro-abortion C4FC of the US) the term “Catholic” is just another word for society or organization where the teachings of the Church are opinions and are to be optionally believed and obeyed. A hundred years ago we called these people heretics! I guess if the RH Bill passes and abortion eventually becomes legal in our country (isn’t institutionalized contraception its entry point anyway?) it would be easy to change their name from C4RH to C4FC, Phils. Someone will call me foolish and paranoid but to them I say, read the account of the Dr. Bernard Nathanson in his two books, “Aborting America” and his conversion story, “The Hand of God“, on how he and a group 4 other “intelligentsia” manipulated, fudged and fed false data to the media regarding contraception and the “need” for abortion because of the “numerous” back-alley abortions happening in New York. 50 million aborted babies later, the rest is history!

On the lighter side, a chance encounter…

While we were standing across the stage, someone from our group noticed a couple of Filipino Freethinkers walking about in the crowd. For the record, here is an account of that encounter. Anthony Perez, F4L President advised me to post this since the Freethinkers have a way of twisting things. Their version of this will surely be taken as an “assault”, yeah right, an assault with my widest smile on!

Posted in our FB page: “we were standing along the F4L area and someone says “freethinkers are here” or something to that effect. So I said, “teka (wait) I will go to welcome them” so I went and approached Kenneth (officer of the group) and said “welcome, welcome I am glad you are here” extending my hand. He was caught totally off-guard that he momentarily smiles and almost takes my hand but then realizes, ‘who the heck is this’ (or maybe recognizes my face, I don’t know) nawala ang ngiti (lost his smile) and it turned to almost fear. He and his companion start to speed up their pace and I give chase saying all along, “wait wait don’t go, your welcome here I want a photo with you guys.” Because the crowd was getting tight, they had to pause  and I again held Kenny’s shoulder and I said “wait, where are you going, let’s have photos with the crowd” people around us were obviously noticing the little commotion I was creating. His companion fumbles and tries to bring out a flyer while I start taking photos with my phone.

Before he could bring something out, Kenneth started to try and move forward and acting like a “fatally attracted lover”, I said “no, no don’t go , wait wait…” but they made a run for it and I started going back. Some people asked me who they were and I said “mga atheista na walang pinapaniwalaang diyos (atheists, those who don’t believe in God)” and someone says ” dapat nga umalis na lang sila mukhang may inaabot (they should just leave as they were trying to give leaflets)” so I said “hindi, dapat imbitahin natin pero mukhang ayaw nila eh (no, we should invite them but it seems they don’t want to stay)”… Gosh they looked like a couple of vampires being chased by a stake wielding Van Helsing (me).

Can you blame a guy for trying?