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Photo courtesy of Holy Family Parish

This is not about politics, it is about the policy on life, the future, the legacy we leave to our children. President Aquino believes or has been led to believe, that the cure for poverty is population reduction. Many advocates of the bill always portray images and stories of the poor, the downtrodden and the sexually abused and their solution? …it is better for them not to have been born! Isn’t that what the banner cry of a population control program is saying? They can deny it all they want but in every single defense of the RH Bill they unavoidably have to use the terms poverty and population management in the same line. Synonyms for “Manage” are: control, handle, master; cope with, deal with. Oops, there it is! The word “CONTROL.” Did they actually think we would miss this?  I explain this in more detail here in my previous post.

During the last week of July 2012, BS Aquino III (what a remarkable first two initials that shares something common with a slang synonym for the word “deceive”) gave the signal to his lackeys in congress to decidedly put the RH Bill to a vote by referring to it as “Responsible Parenthood.” In what I can only describe as a Pavlovian reaction,  the house majority leadership and and their party mates marked August 7 as debate-termination-for-RH Day. By doing so, once congress votes to stop the debates on this bill, the strategy is to immediately put the bill to a passing vote. The anti-RH Bill advocates were caught almost flat-footed. Just 2 weeks before the SONA, lawmakers were saying, what we now know to be false propaganda, that the RH Bill was going to be shelved for the 2013 congress. Fortunately, many of us took the news tongue-in-cheek! These will be a nail-biting next two days as we do not know the actual numbers of congressmen who will vote for or against it.

We are at a deeply disadvantageous position  because of two reasons:

1. President BS-A III is said to be holding on to the PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund) of congressmen whom they consider as anti-RH or are undecided. Party-mates receive daily, multiple text messages for the August 7 voting and are reminded at the weekly party meetings they have!

2. It has been shown that the majority party (which claims they have the numbers and which I personally believe they have) will use Machiavellian  means to kowtow to their bipolar leader (remember the railroading of  CJ Corona’s impeachment?).

Strangely, he mentions, as his “spiritual guide” (I always thought this was a term used in pantheistic religions) Fr. Catalino Arevalo, a Jesuit priest.

This makes me wonder what Fr. Arevalo, whom many people regard as a faithful and loyal son of the church, has been “guiding” him about. Fr. Arevalo has, from what I hear, a devotion to the Blessed Mother. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that BS A III mentioned Fr. Arevalo’s name as a way of trying to say that he is in line with the Church’s teaching about contraception. I can only pity Fr. Arevalo being used in this manner!

One inexhaustible resource we do have however, is prayer. There has never been a time  when a moral issue has tied so much of the Church hierarchy and her faithful together than this past two years. We draw our strength and hope from He who gives life and because of this…