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The termination of debates is supposed to be placed to a vote on August 7, 2012. In what can only be called railroading, Malacanang called it’s allies to a lunch and quickly ordered them, that is right, ordered a separate, co-equal branch of government to move the votation for today. The plan was hatched, I believe, in order to neutralize the planned mass action against this voting slated for August 7 and to keep the loyalty in check.

Pro-RH bloggers even make mention of a left-handed deal with those wavering or against the bill, that is, the release of the “pork”  in exchange for a vote!

This kind of blitzkrieg move has been the style of BS AIII, who once again, dangling the carrot of both pork-barrel and election funding, got congress to do his bidding. This places the RH Bill farther than it has ever been in almost 18 years. The debate phase being terminated, it now goes through the amendment phase where it is expected to breeze through given the lack of resistance it encountered today.

We are now shifting our advocacy to the senate where we have our last-ditch effort to stop the Bill. My take: If BS AIII could make 148 congressmen (maybe more) succumb to his Machiavellian tactics, what kind of resistance would 23 cut-in-the-mold politicians have to offer us?

But the fight must go on! Once emboldened by the “success” here, the other liberal groups pushing for homosexual “marriage”, divorce and then abortion will definitely follow suit.

This is just a redux of Judas’ 30 pieces of silver betrayal of our Lord  but this time, it is named Pork-barrel and Campaign funding!



But courage friends, the battle has just begun!