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At the height of the strange monsoon rains that inundated most of Metro Manila, the first thing evacuees did was to seek churches as shelter owing to the fact that most churches, especially the older ones, are built on high ground. As early as Monday evening, Sto Domingo Church in Espana started taking in victims from the floods and by Tue, August 8, they had their hands full! Much of this was the same for most parishes around the city. Classes were suspended so most schools, especially Catholic schools, organized and arranged relief services to be sent to places where they needed them.

While the Catholic Churches looked like this:

and this,

…and while Catholics, Christians and other people of good will were doing this;



this, and while goods were being delivered by many people including Catholic Charities

This Filipino Freethinkers, yes, THIS ↓







…were “busy” making this, 






and writing these: 





At the height of the typhoon,

…all they could offer was this:












Actions speak louder than words!

The Filipino Freethinkers, headed by Red Tani, is a staunch anti-Catholic organization hell-bent on destroying the Church through calumnies. They want a morality-free society!