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Myth # 1: You can be a faithful Catholic and use artificial contraceptives

That is like saying “I am Catholic but I want to determine for myself what moral teachings of the Church may or may not apply to me.” That’s plainly stupid. Our intellectual ascent to the teachings of the Church in matters of faith and morals are precisely what makes us Catholic! Dumping the Church’s teaching on sexual morality and behavior should embarrass these guys because it is like a teen who publicly humiliates his or her mother while at the same time loudly proclaiming that he or she is an obedient child! Let me ask the dissenters this question, do you believe the Church’s teaching authority, is passed on by Christ?(Luke 10:16 “he who hears you, hears me”)  Do you believe it is binding on your eternal life?(Matt 16:19) Are you willing to bet your eternal life on it?

Myth # 2: Some priests and theologians espouse adverse views on sexual morality, that means I can be a faithful Catholic and continue on because they say it is okay.

It never occurs to Catholic dissenters that when a theological opinion, read it-OPINION, is at odds with what the ordinary magisterium of the Church has been teaching for centuries and continues to teach up until today, then the theologian is simply mistaken. For example, just because some Jesuits like Fr. Jouaquin Bernas (a response to his stand can be found here) or Fr. John Carroll think that contraception may be okay or have very ambiguous positions on them, it means that one can take their side. A faithful Catholic cannot take the postion that is contrary to the teachings of the ordinary magisterium and I know that some Catholics do because they find it comforting that priests who claims to be in “good standing” “supports” their chosen way of life. In the case of the “Catholics for Reproductive Health (C4RH)”, their proponents are in it to pave the way for LEGALIZED ABORTION (←link to find out who their associates are)  They have been fooling their followers into openly rebelling against the Catholic Church! Ever wonder whose side these folks are really on?

Myth # 3: If I use the word “practicing” as in “practicing Catholic”, then I am one

I can’t count how many times I have heard the use of the word “practicing” from those Catholics who espouse the positon that using and advocating for artificial contraception is acceptable. It is as though adding the word “practicing” adds credence and moral soundness to their position! Curiously though, I have never heard any of these Catholics use the word “faithful” whenever they do their advocacy and this makes me wonder whether they dichotomize talking from doing. The word “practicing” is in no way any gauge or indication of a persons adherence to orthodox Catholic teaching. A faithful Catholic is supposed to put that faith into practice, so if one ignores the teachings of the Church, then one is not really practicing it, right? You are either faithful or you are not!

Myth # 4 The Church should confine her moral teachings within the Church and not to society in general

Notwithstanding Pope Paul VI’s prophetic message in Humane Vitae, many people still believe that Catholic moral teaching has little or no practical societal applications outside of the Church. Nothing could be further from the truth! Every moral teaching of the Church impacts society as a whole. Here is a short list:

Pre-marital sex > Teen pregnancy or unwanted pregnancy

Contraception > Unwanted pregnancies, abortion, medical side effects, infidelity

Divorce > Single parents, dysfunctional children

Gay lifestyle > HIV, same-sex marriage

The Catholic Church is still the only one who absolutely opposes these practices that the culture have accepted. It shouldn’t take a genius to see how the deviation from these “Catholic” teachings have impacted society in general and I would challenge anyone who can show me how these have had positive effects on society!

Myth # 5 The Catholic opposes the RH Bill because she doesn’t care for women.

The Church esteems women that is why she opposes this bill. Most contraceptives that will be made available are going to be used by women which means that most of the side and adverse effects are going to be experienced by women too. If one were to really care for women, what would be the right thing to do, oppose it or espouse it? There are a plethora of data on the harmful effects of artificial contraceptives.

The Catholic Church has encouraged the use of natural methods of spacing births because these serve two purposes; it avoids side effects of drugs and nurtures communication between spouses. What part of that is anti-women? Please read this article too!

Myth # 6 The Church opposes the bill because she is anti-poor

Few people ever reflect on the fact that the Catholic Church and affiliated groups provide most of the charity work in the world so this fact alone should already debunk that myth. The reason why the Church opposes instituting contraception is because she sees this as a population control agenda that is biased towards the poor. Do we ever hear the argument that the rich, who have children, must also limit their number? Pound for pound, the wealthy are the most socially and environmentally unsustainable class in society. The sheer amount of waste, both in material goods and food, are from the affluent segments of society. The poor have very little resources, therefor they also have very little in terms of waste. In fact the poor are the recyclers of society. They are ones who scour the trash for materials they can sell for a few pesos. They are the ones who would happily receive used clothes, things and even left-over food, thus not allowing anything to go to waste! Yet, the most demanding and wasteful segment of society insist that the least demanding and wasteful consume even less by contracepting themselves out of existence! That is what is behind this population control bill masking as a health issue. We can hardly call this a religious agenda! All the Catholic Church is saying is that rather than blame the poor and instituting contraception, a policy that has long term societal repercussions and real medical harm,  why not find a way to equalize government spending so that it trickles down to them? Why not deal with the graft and corruption that siphons off the moneys intended for social programs? Why not encourage the wealthy to be more involved in social action programs? Why spend 13.7 Billion on potentially harmful contraceptives when it can be spent for education and true healthcare?

For the record, here is what the Church says about Catholics for Reproductive Health:

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