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Senator Tito Sotto’s speech at the senate against the RH Bill narrated how his son died from a defective heart 37 years ago. He points to his wife’s use of artificial contraceptives during the early part of the pregnancy when she had a breakthrough pregnancy and didn’t know about it. Watch it below.

But then, a day after, Department of Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral dares, yes that’s right, DARES the senator to produce the death certificate of his son to prove it! Here is a quote from that article:

Secretary Cabral:

Following that line of argument, if at the time of Vincent Paul’s conception, Sen. Sotto failed to brush his teeth,  it could be argued that his son was born with a weak heart because he failed to brush his teeth before having sex with Mrs. Sotto

Folks could you think of anything more callous and heartless than this? On top of it, several other Pro-RH sites upped the tone and started their attack on the senator. What is with this people? They insinuate that Senator Sotto is using his sons memory for his own legal machinations, what heartless jerks!

For that we give Secretary Esperanza Cabral…


Use it wisely madame secretary!