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This week, Senator Tito Sotto detonated the nuclear bomb that Pro-Life advocates have been informing legislators about from day 1 of the debates. He exposed the backers and intentions of the local NGO’S (NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS) who have been pushing for this bill to be passed.

Here are some of the local Pro-RH NGO’s and the foreign Pro-Abortion groups funding or affiliated with them, taken from the “Pinoy Templars” blog site:

WOMENLEAD, LIKHAAN, CATHOLICS FOR RH (C4RH), FAMILY PLANNING ORGANIZATION OF THE PHILIPPINES (Received in excess of $650,000 dollars from the IPPF in 2011 alone!) 

foreign ties where they get their DOLLARS DOLLAR DOLLARS


Watch Senator Sotto’s explosive revelation below:

Among these groups, Likhaan is the most brash and bold. They posted a “How To” perform an abortion in their website.


From Pinoy Templars blog:

“Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=315490738485258&set=a.282531241781208.75615.252857494748583&type=3&theater

(Here’s an article about what happened:  Facebook Sparks Controversy by Removing Home Abortion Instructions http://jezebel.com/5872592/facebook-sparks-controversy-by-removing-home-abortion-instructions)

Pro-RH advocates Elizabeth Angsioco and Junice Melgar are also known pro-abortion advocate. These people know that for abortion to become a reality in the Philippines, they have to push the RH bill and circumvent laws within The Bill by taking advantage of loophole provisions in it. These people have foreign funded legal teams whose sole purpose is to look for these loopholes and advocate for redefining the constitution if and when the opportunity arises.

After Senator explosive revelation that left some senators and gallery guests stunned, the de facto pro-abortion advocates started a smear job on the senator. The alleged that he plagiarized different blog sites for his speech. They allege his data were taken from others without permission. In other words, they are making this an ethical plagiarism issue to cover up or at least water down his revelation. The issue has been played up by the liberal media ( what can we expect?) and have ignored the message itself. It’s the perennial “shoot the messenger if you can’t shoot the message” tactic. Regarding the issue of plagiarism this is all I have to say:

Plagiarism is defined as using someones work or ideas and making it pass as one’s own. Everyone knows that Senator Sotto’s speech contained data that was not his original as he was referring to “various sources” and even naming one from where he thought the data came from. His staff, who fed him the data, was sloppy and didn’t tell him that they lifted it from a blogger who in turn got it from a primary source. In essence, the alleged  “plagiarism” Senator Sotto committed was the blogger’s putting together of the original idea of another source material! That’s a very lame charge of plagiarism and because the ProRH?Abortion group were caught with their pants down, they are pounding on this.

It’s all in the Pinoy Templars link above, here is the link again: Road to Legalized Abortion and while your at it, visit the link below to find out who is behind the smear campaign against Senator Sotto. Smear Campaign


“Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are!”