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A theology professor at the prestigious Ateneo de Manila University resigned over the Christmas holidays (on the Feast of Holy Innocents) over what he said was the “spirit of disdain for the Church” that was being espoused at the Jesuit-run university.

I had blogged several times about this issue starting with the ambiguous rantings of Fr. Joaquin Bernas on how the RH bill, now law, institutionalizing contraception, can be acceptable in a pluralistic society. Acceptable means that it can be good for society since laws are made for a society’s common good. This priest seems to thing that Catholic teaching on sexual morality has no practical societal applications.

The lines of this spiritual battle have been drawn and I admire Professor Rafael Dy-Liacco for choosing whom he will serve, unlike the ADMU’s Fr. Villarin and Bernas who are so soft-spinned as to make a clear and forceful stand on this evil law. Don’t even get me started about the hate and disdain that this school’s graduates have for the Church, whew!

You’d have to ask yourself, if Prof. Dy-Liacco resigned due to conflict in faith so he could continue serving the Church, who is the ADMU actually serving? You be the judge!

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