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The hottest thing on the social network now is the news that rabble rousing, tour guide Carlos Celdran was found guilty and convicted of his Manila Cathedral stunt. Dressed in a Jose Rizal costume, he entered the Church and disrupted a service with some Bishops and priests in attendance. The verdict here.

Those who defend him claim that his rights were violated. That his freedom of speech was trampled on but that is puzzling considering that he disrupted a private service in a private venue and was uninvited. The law does not only consider what one says to offend the religious sensibilities of another as much as how and where it is done. I can’t understand how the same people defending Celdran miss the point of the law, that a person cannot just do anything they please, when they please and wherever they please. Try disrupting the President’s SONA and see how fast it lands you in jail! This is a case, I think, of a person stuck in his “adolescence” and not having been disciplined enough when he was growing up!

Dr. Keith Ablow is correct in his assessment of many who are heavily in social networking, as Celdran and many artists who defend him are. Read their distorted sense of justice here.

Ablow says,

On Facebook, young people can fool themselves into thinking they have hundreds or thousands of “friends.” They can delete unflattering comments. They can block anyone who disagrees with them or pokes holes in their inflated self-esteem.

Watch it here.

Celdran is the perfect example of this “generation of narcissists” who believe that the religious sensibilities of people can be trampled on by a mere appeal to freedom of speech. Even as he is incarcerated he thinks that he is on social media and makes humorous poses of himself in jail. Freedom loving, decent and respectable adults know that those rights have limits and apparently Celdran was absent the day they taught that.

Well then, man-up and face the consequences of your actions Mr. Damaso!

Jail Time

Jail Time

UPDATE: If anyone is in doubt as to where Carlos Celdran was when he was pretending to be Jose Rizal, one thing is for sure, he wasn’t outside the Cathedral.