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These are interesting times indeed when one is attacked for trying to espouse Catholic teaching especially in areas that involve sexual morality. Jesuit priest and Ateneo de Davao (AdDU) president,

Fr. Joel Tabora, did just that last January when we called his attention to a “Theological Reflection Session” being held in his university by a group called Catholics for Reproductive Health (C4RH). I penned a letter in behalf of Defensores Fidei Foundation, informing the head of AdDU’s Ateneo Public Interest Legal Advocacy (APILA), Atty. Meong Cabarde, that C4RH, which was the resource for this event held in their campus, was a dissident Catholic group that has been disowned by the CBCP since 2011.

Fine, Cabarde replied with a perfunctory letter complete with all the rationalizations that he could fit into one paragraph and ended it with the standard, “I hope that this has already addressed your concerns”. In other words he basically said, we have academic freedom, we know what we’re doing, mind your own business …albeit politely. (That’s my Dynamic Equivalence Translation). Unbeknownst to me, Cabarde, is a sympathizer of C4RH and is involved in the same pro-abortion lobby groups that C4RH runs around with.

Well, as a member of the same “critical thinking” Ateneo cult, I politely said, “No it didn’t” and requested for further clarification on the matter. It was then that all hell broke loose! A few days after, the head honcho of AdDU himself (I had apparently struck a nerve) replied to our letter in his own personal blog entitled “Space to Discuss Contentious Issues”. In his blog, Tabora tries to justify how this dissident Catholic group can contribute something meaningful to Catholics as it pertains to accepting the institutionalization of contraception as part of a “theological reflection”. Really, a theological reflection on how institutionalizing contraception is beneficial to society, hmmm. But what I found even more amusing was that while his blog title seems to want to be an open invitation to discuss contentious issues, he pretty much slams the door on those who call into question this dissenting voice or would like to re-enforce why Catholic teaching on sexual morality has great negative societal repercussions.

I'd rather be burning heretics

I’d rather be burning heretics

I suppose to this Jesuit priest, only dissident groups (especially those who donate money to them) should be given “space” and not faithful Catholics, at least not the ones who carry their name in Latin!

So with “open arms” in his “space to discuss contentious issues” and with a tone I have only encountered from militant atheists and Iglesia ni Manalo pesters, errr pastors, he gives us a lesson in faux history:

The days are gone where “the defenders” of one Catholic faith proclaimed the divine right of kings, and the chilling right of kings to host vicious Inquisitions against those who “gravely err” against the sacred teaching of the Church, to burn heretics at the stake, and to convince themselves in torturing “the truth” out of others or in “forcing” allegiance to the faith they do the will of God

To Fr. Tabora, questioning heterodox teaching and dissident groups is to “… cause deeper disunity… because it is proposed in arrogance”. Before you burst an artery Fr. Tabora, we called your attention to this particular group only because they have been historically very anti-clerical (that’s you and the bishops of the Catholic church to which you belong), pro-contraception/abortion (something you and Fr. Bernas say are against Catholic teaching and you agree with, at least officially, in public) and funded by pro-abortion lobby groups (abortion is murder).

Father Tabora, what, I pray, can a group with this reputation possibly contribute to a Catholic’s real understanding of the repercussions of institutionalized contraception and their ill effects to society when they’ve defended that erroneous position all along? Of course Fr.Tabora never takes it up and instead talks about the Sendong victims and the other social ills, that he claims, movements like ours, are of no help and even implies, in part 2 (yes he saw it fit to pen part 2), that we could start another crusade and spill blood, a definite no-no in pushing for social justice issues.

Fr. Tabora’s let me ask you this, knowing that the institutionalization of contraception eventually defaults to abortion, the crusades and inquisition notwithstanding, how much blood has already been spilled because priests like you, Fr. Joel Tabora, have not opposed the culture of death to any significant degree and would rather, in the name of a false sense of pluralism and rationalizing the distorted use of conscience, invite, associate and coddle dissident groups that are at the forefront of the culture of death and the road to legalized abortion?

60 Million Father Tabora, that’s how many.