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Than you Carlos for posing this question to us.

Benedict XVI’s pontificate showed me how society has regressed both intellectually and culturally. I noticed that the enemies within and outside of the church who have come out over the last 8 years have put forth arguments against Catholic teaching that hold very little intellectual rigor, if any. At the same time he demonstrates, through his reforms, that if we pursue our Catholic faith uncompromisingly but with charity, that it is possible to reshape and battle the secularization of our culture.

More than anything, I believe that he is the most intellectually readable pope I have encountered and those who have ignored, neglected or are ignorant of his encyclicals, books and homilies are at a great intellectual and spiritual loss. In his writings, he gives us a path towards a maturation of our Catholic faith which has reverted back to its “adolescence” since the sexual revolution of the 60’s. His devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ is reflected by the depth of his Christology, distant from the typical “Jesus is our friend” cliche’ so pervasive in many Catholic circles.

The prayer he gives us in his final general audience is so strikingly childlike and simple but it shows a man who is truly in touch with God. He says:

I would like everyone to feel the joy of being Christian. In a beautiful prayer, which can be recited every morning, say: ‘I adore you, my God and I love you with all my heart. Thank you for having created me, for having made me Christian’



As you take your well-deserved rest, we thank you holy father for the path you have began to carve out for us and the sacrifices and prayers you are still going to make in behalf of the Church.








Viva Il Papa, Viva Benedetto XVI!