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papa francisHe’s a Jesuit and my first reaction was to go back to sleep and pretend I was dreaming, but I could not help it. I just had to find out who Cardinal Bergoglio was and so I did and what I read made me smile. I thought, wow, someone who practices the original Ignatian charism as I’ve read in the lives of Fr. Ignatius and his original compania, he is now Pope! What a double whammy for the Jesuit libs! Why, because here is a man who, while fighting for social justice, has towed the line of orthodoxy faithfully, all during the time of the great storm that hit the Church, the 70’s when so many Jesuits gave in to dissent (especially my local favorites).

The Jesuit libs don’t like him, which means I like him already! Here’s what Steve Ray, a Catholic convert writes in his blog:

I asked my trusted friend and Jesuit priest Fr. Fessio, founder of Ignatius Press and student and friend of Pope (Benedict) what he thought of the new pope. He responded: “You’ll love him. The other Jesuits hate him. I’m ecstatic.

I’m ecstatic too Fr. Fessio. Now the real work begins, the work of restoration!

Viva il Papa!