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Poor people cannot afford to buy contraceptives, that’s the rationale that RH law advocates, including President BSA, have been telling us. That is why there is a need to enact a law that mandates the government into providing contraceptives for free, among other things like sex-ed programs and post abortion services, etc.  (plus the fact that big pharmaceutical companies will have a windfall profit on this)

Of course the poor need access to “modern methods of contraception” because, advocates say, they pity their incapacity to raise children responsibly and have no “choice.” Poor parents cannot provide for their education, food, clothing and proper shelter. The government, they claim, cannot support the growing number of poor and their offspring. There is simply too many of them and there are not enough classrooms, teachers, health centers etc…, in other words, the government cannot afford the minimum basic services for a poor citizen of this country, therefore better to limit their size and number. TRANSLATION: We are being over-populated by poor people and these poor people are eating up government resources.  (That kind of sounds like Eugenics to me)

Suddenly, the Pork Barrel scandal hit us and while we always knew that there was widespread corruption in our country, people are now in awe (mouths agape) with the amounts going into the pockets of fake NGO’s and politicians. It’s one big Mafia money-laundering scheme! If the Napoles caper is to be believed, the standard “return on investment” of laundered Pork-Barrel money is somewhere between 70-100%. People are just now beginning to wake up and realize that the poor are poor because the money meant to uplift their lives are siphoned off by a few, whose lifestyles, if the Napoles caper again is to be believed, are paid for by their hard-earned taxpayers money, our money!

So the questions are: If the the corruption is so pervasive and the amounts so perverse, can the advocates of the RH law still sell the “government has no money to subsidize the poor” argument with a straight face? Can the President and our legislators still claim that there isn’t enough money to support programs for the poor? Won’t this law open up more pathways to corruption knowing that the government is being run akin to a syndicate?

This entire Pork-Barrel billion-peso thievery should be a deal-breaker for honest RH Law supporters because it only shows what we have been saying all along and that is, THE POOR ARE POOR BECAUSE OF CORRUPTION.