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Filipinos For Life’s January Blogging Event: “Being Pro-Life in an Anti-Life World”

Ten things a Catholic Pro-Life advocate must never forget…

1. Pro-Life advocacy is not just a civil or legal campaign, it is a spiritual battle, therefore we need spiritual allies who can wage this war along side us. This can only be waged when one frequents the sacraments worthily.

2. A Catholic who claims to be Pro-Life but believes that contraception or gay unions are acceptable, is suffering from both cognitive and spiritual dissonance.

3. The actual number of Anti-Life advocates is actually small, they are just noisier and more opinionated and have held this spiritually lazy culture hostage for the last fifty years.

4. Most people are, in fact, Pro-Life, they are just too spiritually lukewarm to see it, therefore, the key to a successful advocacy is spiritual renewal. Spiritual renewal leads to moral renewal and this leads to Him who is life itself.

5. Being Pro-Life does not only mean being anti-abortion. It also means being against contraception, gay marriage and assisted suicide or euthanasia. To compromise in one is to lose the battle by default because all these are the different “fronts” in the battle for life.

6. Being a Pro-Life advocate is difficult because this stand must reflect one’s personal moral life.

7. Recruiting allies for the Pro-Life advocacy is difficult for the same reason in number 6.

8. When we lose a fight, it is sometimes God’s way of leading us to humility.

9. Number 9 is a “Saint maker”, let’s not waste the chance.

10. The Pro-Life work is not dependent on us but on God.

Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”