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Men, here is a list of how to celebrate St. Valentine’s day with your date:

1. Go to confession, TODAY! That’s right, nothing can help curtail that passion or that “Valentine’s” mood more than being in a state of grace. Like hunger for food, sex is a passion that is driven by the senses and only a lucid intellect, devoid of impure thoughts, can keep this at bay.

2. Ask her to go to Mass with you before any plans you may have. If your intentions are as pure as what you claim, then be a man and show it this way. Give adoration to the One who is love! Mass schedules here










3. Go out with a group of friends rather than just as a couple. This avoids situations you shouldn’t get into if you are alone.

4. Dress well. Even casual clothes can be elegant. If you mention to her what you will be wearing and that you want to go to mass beforehand, then she can be appropriately dressed for the night. This also solves the problem of how to ask her not to dress in a less-than-modest attire.

5. Chivalry isn’t dead and only real men practice it. Open the door of the car/place for her when she gets in or out, and…

6. Bring an extra sweater in case she feels chilly at the place you take her to.

7. Take her to a respectable place that elevates her and is worthy of her. Crowded bars or clubs, Motels or being alone at your or her place is NOT the way to go. Remember that this lady is someone’s daughter and her parents spent a huge part of their lives trying to raise her properly, the same way your parents did with you and your sister/s. Treat her as your father would treat your mother. Remember that a man does not put a lady in harm’s way and an occasion to sin is placing someone’s soul in harm’s way!

8. Don’t force her to take any alcoholic drink if she doesn’t want to and if you drink, remember that a gentleman should be able to handle his drink! There is nothing worse than a man who can’t take care of his date because he is inebriated.

9. Men know how to keep their word and respect authority. Take her home at the agreed upon time or earlier, but never later. Most parent’s, like me, wait up for all their children to be home. Do this also as a sign of respect and a full recognition of her parent’s authority.

10. Guard your actions when saying goodnight, keep it clean and keep it honorable, some parents do wait up and watch when their daughter gets dropped off (and some of them are members of gun clubs, just saying).

Men, there is no reason why you should celebrate Valentine’s day based on the materialistic and over-sexualized stereotype of the secular culture. St. Valentine was a martyr and saint who died for his faith. He was not some baby-faced, naked, androgynous boy with wings and a bow and arrow. Be a man, be a saint!


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