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The disgusting and depraved BENCH underwear show dubbed “Naked Truth” was nothing more than soft-core porn being shown live on stage. I blame and I JUDGE and I condemn the owners of BENCH, the show directors, the ad agency, the producers and the venue management of Mall of Asia (SM) for allowing such depravity to be shown in our country. I also blame and judge the actors and actresses who participated and got paid to act like porn stars and animals in the guise of models. You people deserve to be called “IT”, a thing, an object, because it is exactly what you portrayed yourselves to be on stage, you participated in the objectification of something that is supposed to be dignified, beautiful, sacred and private; persons, their bodies and sexuality.

Please do not use the “art” or “free speech” cliché, that’s a bunch of crock, it’s porn marketing for commerce and you know it. You knew what it was that was being asked of you and you agreed to do it for a fee. You are worse than prostitutes because at least prostitutes sell their bodies to survive or are forced into that life by syndicates. But you “models”, you business owners, you had every opportunity to refuse, to say “no”, to do something worthwhile, something beautiful, but didn’t. Many years from now, the children and families of everyone who participated and contributed to this degeneracy will see how their fathers, mothers, aunts and uncles contributed actively to the lowering of Filipino moral and cultural values.

Following suit is another event by Cosmopolitan Philippines that suggests a similar style of perversion, if they do after this Bench fiasco, then the people at Cosmopolitan are genuinely STUPID.

Yes I am Catholic and before you use the “who am I to judge” line of Pope Francis against me, I suggest first that, you understand what he meant by it and that you send him a video of the event and see if he doesn’t have a thing or two to say about it.

I blame and I judge and I condemn you but still my faith tells me that I must pray for the salvation of your souls, so I will.

I refuse to post photos of the depravity that went on in that event so if anyone wishes to see the oozing gayness and beastial treatment of a female, just Google it.

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