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In a previous post, I had criticized the DepEd and Sec. Armin Luistro for capitulating to secular ideologues primarily by removing the phrase “God-loving” from their mission-vision statement. Bro. Armin, in a few interviews, denied having any agenda in removing the phrase, except to harmonize the DepEd’s M-V statement with the current administration’s thrust on education. (Which is, surprise surprise, exactly what we thought, to secularize Philippine public school education).

I am posting a link to a blog site that connects these dots … thank you to Elisa, great work!


From the beginning, Aquino’s administration has enacted policies that go directly against Christian/Catholic beliefs.  Aquino himself, however, cannot openly defy the Catholic Church, not when the main reason he was elected into power was because of the millions who loved his devout Catholic mom (subject to debate, but we’ll go with that for now). The only way PNoy and his cohorts can continue to push for manufactured rights, without encountering opposition, is to remove God completely from the picture.

Read the entire article… enjoy and share. Was Bro. Armin hoodwinked, negligent or did he accept this secularist move with full consent? You decide.