In the Philippines, the Rule of Law means nothing. Ironically, the supposed champions of this are silent. Where is the voice of the constitutionalist Atty. Joaquin Bernas SJ regarding this matter he so strongly championed?
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How does this government even expect the citizenry to be law-abiding?

“Mr. President, I understand lalabas daw yung FDA certification first week of December,” Guingona said.
But Sotto pressed for a categorical answer from the DOH.
The session was temporarily suspended and when it resumed, Guingona reiterated that the FDA certification would come out on the first week of December.
“So perhaps we can make that a part of the budget, or part of the records of the Senate for the budget of the DOH . That if we don’t get the certification, we remove the entire budget for those commodities that can’t be certified by the FDA, ” Sotto said.

Source: Sotto Questions P1 Billion DOH Budget for Family Planning Items

As early as three days after the SC decision, RH Law advocate Risa Hontiveros boasted that the RH law guarantees government provision of contraceptives.

A mere two…

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