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The SCOTUS decision legalizing same sex marriage is a diabolical attack against families and children, here’s why:

1. Once SS couples are given legal recognition to marry, many owners of businesses and institutions who will refuse to cater to SSM couples, on grounds of religious belief, can be hauled off to court, be meted out heavy fines and even lose their respective sources of income. This will affect the well-being of their respective families because it creates financial instability at home and when there is financial instability, children are the first to suffer. It has already happened in some states and is expected to get worse as more homosexual couples demand for these services.

2. The rise in homosexuals getting married will also spurn an increase in (underground) surrogate pregnancies that will cater to homosexual couples wanting their own children rather than adopting. SSM couples will choose, based on sperm and embryo availability, what genetically-favorable children they would like to have. Babies will then become a commodity and as with any “product”, it may be deemed unwanted when “it” becomes useless.

3. With the rise in surrogate parenting, there will be a consequent rise in abortions. Due to the possibility that some of babies carried by their surrogate mothers may have detectable in-utero abnormalities and will thus be unwanted. This is one possible natural result of on-demand surrogate pregnancies. We know that heterosexual couples already abort babies with detected abnormalities, more so in surrogate pregnancies because the intended parents may have no real biological ties to the child.

4. Because the rate of separation among homosexual couples is similar if not greater than heterosexual couples, there will be an even greater increase in the number of single-parent families. Imagine the situation where a child born out of a proxy mother, has to grow up in a single-parent home of a man or woman who isn’t even their biological parent. It is happening and will continue to rise.

5. It is no secret that many homosexual couples also support the gay “Pride” movement and join in their annual march. Given the nature of these “Pride” events and their penchant for over-indulgent revelry and oftentimes, perverse display of sexuality, the children of SSM who participate in these events will be exposed to whatever depravity is demonstrated in these events. The early exposure to sexual perversion have deep psychological effects on children similar to early exposure to pornography.

6. There will be an increase in child sex abuse. Some studies show that Homosexuals have a greater number of sexual partners prior to and even while in a relationship as compared to heterosexual couples. An article in the New York Times justifies how homosexuals having multiple partners give stability to a relationship… “I take it as a gift that someone will be that open and honest and sharing with me,” said Rio, using the word “open” to describe their marriage.” As is the case in heterosexual marital infidelity, children in SSM infidelity may even be at a greater risk and exposure to the possibility of sexual abuse because of the multiplicity of partners of these highly sexually-active homosexuals who are in relationships.

7. Worldwide data shows that the highest rates of HIV are found among MSM and account for 70-80% of infections. Given the predisposition for multiple partners and the latency between infection and manifestation of symptoms, there will be a danger of exposure and risk of transmission of HIV to children of SSM male couples where one may be an unknown carrier.

As SSM becomes more common, the consequent physical and psychological effects on children and the vulnerability of the unborn will become more apparent.
Our experience with the “disposable” culture rampant in Western society tells us that it will eventually be so. SSM is another one of the West’s artificial contraptions that will fuel the culture of “self-entitlement” and over-indulgence which is already hostile to this vulnerable segment of society.