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Have we stooped so low as a people that even supposed faithful Catholics can support and cheer-on a president wannabe who behaves like someone whom our parents warned us about?

His defenders reason…

Never mind that he is foul mouthed

Never mind that he bad-mouthed  the pope

Never mind that he admits to adultery and womanizing

Never mind that he objectifies women

Never mind that he mocks God

Never mind that he encourages paying extortion money to the communist party

Never mind that he doesn’t hold himself accountable to anyone

…we are all sinners after all and he may yet fix this country’s ills.

Really? Can you really hope that a person who is against most everything we have been taught at home and in school can correct what is wrong with this country?


Only a person with true humility can start to fix this country. Someone who knows that he can make mistakes, hold himself accountable and make amends for it. Someone who will allow people to do their jobs well, not out of fear but out of sense of nationalism. Someone who knows that he or she is answerable to his creator for everything that he or she does in this world.

Humility is the answer and not hubris. Humility builds bridges, encourages transparency and fosters respect, things sorely lacking in public life today. However, humility unlike hubris takes a long time to build. It is done through constant prayer, self denial and pursuing what is right and true at all costs. Only a humble servant can make this country great again.