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“Happy Holidays”, seems to be the by-line that everyone is throwing these days. Every time I hear someone greet me “Happy Holidays”, I sort of cringe inside. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the greeting but what’s wrong with the traditional “Merry Christmas”, after all, aren’t these Holidays solely and specifically about the birth of Jesus Christ?

Too many well-meaning people have fallen prey to the deception of libs who have labeled Christian religious terms as politically incorrect (but not Islamic religious terms of course, those are acceptable). Well, we will have none of that in our household!

Believe it or not, less people are really “offended” when they are greeted with “Merry Christmas” but if they are, you should tell them that they should stop benefitting from this holiday and be made to go to work instead. Perhaps if they are to be totally honest with themselves, they should also shun the revelry that goes with it, but out of the Christmas spirit, do so after, perhaps during lent when you’re fasting.

Fr. James Schall aptly writes… “Christmas enables us to “see” our salvation, as Simeon later put it in the Temple when Christ was brought there by His parents. We should make no mistake about it: We still live in the world that this Christ has manifested to us by His very birth within it. Christ remains the principle “sign of contradiction” in this world. We are free to deny that this Jesus was true God or true man. We are not free, especially on Christmas, to avoid the consequences of our life’s choice about whether or not we, too, contradict the truth that here in Bethlehem was born Christ the Lord.”

This year, rather than neutering your greeting to accommodate people’s “sensitivities”, why not own Christmas as a Christian! Emphatically and joyfully proclaim the reason for this season and greet everyone a Merry Christmas.