The strugglingdad isn’t about my day-to-day troubles with family and parenting, those are challenges and can easily be met. My wife and I have five children and while it is difficult enough to raise them in this economically uncertain times, there is something more troubling than money and this is the destruction of the Judeo-Chrsitian culture. It is a struggle with a culture that is fast becoming subjectivistic and relativistic. Many prefer to keep silent or draw back from this, I don’t. I want this to serve as a record so that my children will know on which side of the cultural divide their father stands.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. B. Gotheigh said:

    So why exactly are you called “struggling dad”? Parenting issues? Financial issues? Delinquent offspring? What?

    You value honest so you might as well spill the beans.

    • My finances and children are doing fairly well thank you very much and they are simple challenges which I don’t consider to be real struggles. It’s the cultural struggle going on that is the real struggle and this is good record for my children to perhaps learn from later on.

      • B. Gotheigh said:

        Five kids ain’t a challenge for ya, mate? You totally confident about that? Are you sure you are able to produce enough for them, especially in these scarce times? What if you had double?

        If the “cultural” aspect was what you refer to with your handle, then why append “‘dad”? It gives the wrong impression. If I was in your shoes I’d have “struggling apologist” instead.

        • Thank you for your suggestions and concerns. Perhaps if you have your own blog, you can choose to make it as you wish, mate.